I have been discussing Donald Trump lately on my Facebook page.  I have grown overly alarmed at how many people actually believe he is a good man who speaks truthfully and honestly.  My posts have caused a few of my friends that I personally see in life to defriend me and stop listening.  They want to believe in someone who is going to deliver our Country out of the hands of the Liberals and give us security from enemies abroad.  I sincerely understand those desires but I do not believe Trump is that man.  So I posted some of the following on my page today and would petition those of you who desire for Trump to be Elected President of the United States to reconsider.  I do believe there is a better choice.

Please, Please, Please listen to me. I know some of you guys who love Trump have tuned me out but please listen…….

A form of Idolatry is when we make a false representation of something or someone and set our hopes upon them. I believe Christian Leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr. have helped in casting a false image of Trump by declaring Trump to be a Christian who will protect Christianity. That just isn’t true. For instance, today Trump has revealed a bit more about himself. And hopefully some of the blinders will start falling off of Christians and decent Americans. Trump entered the North Carolina bathroom debate today noting that a person should be able to enter and use the bathroom that they feel most comfortable entering in. That is not a position that will protect the Church nor those who want to uphold the Moral Law of God. It is a position that will be harmful to our families.

This is where I believe Trump’s Chameleon Buffoonery starts to reveal itself. He is taking the soundbite of the Press and leaning on it for support. If it was beneficial for him to side with true common sense he would have thrown in his support for the North Carolina Law. But he didn’t. He is a Liberal New Yorker with an Amoral view of Life and Liberty. it is what it is. All I can do is shake my head in sadness and ask the Lord to open our eyes. Trump has been able to deceive many people about who he is I believe.

Another comment I hear is that Trump is better than Hillary?I am not sure about that. He is too Chameleon like to prove anything. He plays to the fringe. He also still has to work with an inept House where a bigger problem lays. He was also proud to vote for Obama and endorses Universal Healthcare as well as that Depraved organization Planned Parenthood. If he is better it ain’t by much.

I also would warn others about a man who doesn’t think he has ever needed to confess sin before God. Trump does not believe he has ever done that nor does he want to.  It isn’t needful as far as he is concerned.  So he is basically calling God out and saying the Holy Scriptures are false. That man is obviously a liar according to 1 John Chapter 1 and is self deluded by major narcissism. There are better Republican Candidates. He is not one of them. He is like Hillary in and dangerous in my estimation.  He is definitely very poor example for our children.

Maybe we deserve to be given such a leader.  I am saddened to think we do.  But if we Repent maybe God will have Mercy on us and grant us the Grace to have a good leader despite who we have become.  He was merciful to Nineveh for the sake of those who couldn’t discern between left and right yet and for all those who were young.