Reading Our Bibles In Halves


Matthew Henry states,

“Note, therefore it is that people run into mistakes, because they read their Bibles by the halves, and are as partial in the prophets as they are in the law. They are only for the smooth things, Isa. 30:10. Thus now we are too apt, in reading the prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, to have our expectations raised of the glorious state of the church in the latter days. But we overlook its wilderness sackcloth state, and are willing to fancy that is over, and nothing is reserved for us but the halcyon days; and then, when tribulation and persecution arise, we do not understand it, neither know we the things that are done, though we are told as plainly as can be that through many tribulations we must enter into the kingdom of God. – Matthew Henry on Luke 18:31-34.”

I once noted to myself that the Prophet Jeremiah was one of my favorite Prophets.  He didn’t see much fruit or revival towards God and he was sent to preach to a people who wouldn’t hear.  And he knew this.

I have been rather bitter lately.  I am an old Navy Veteran with some theological accumen.  I have been the kid in the neighborhood who pillaged things you didn’t know you would miss.  I have smoked my fair share of marijuana and have friends of many different lifestyles.  In all of that I still had a knowledge of what was good behavior and bad behavior.  I didn’t try to justify my behavior.  I liked doing the wrong things but I didn’t need to move the boundaries of truth to justify my behavior.  A pervert is a pervert.  A Wackadoodle is a wackadoodle.  An Adulterer is an Adulterer.  A Thief is a Thief.  A Murder is a Murderer.  An Idolater is an Idlolater.  A Traitor is a Traitor.  Maybe you can see where I am going with this.

In the past decade I have seen the Church and Society redefine things that should never be redefined.  Not many people now days have the courage to stand up and own up.  They all have to feel like God is a kind nice dude who doesn’t care about the things we once thought he cared about.  Sin is no longer a word used to characterize bad behavior as it once was in society.  Mankind has many pills now to help us get over the fact that so many people feel degraded in their consciences.  Guilty feelings are bad.  They hinder growth and really prove nothing.  So what if a person left their mate (spouse) because they didn’t feel good anylonger in the relationship and because the excitement was gone.   So what if they desire another mate?  Adultery and violating a vow taken is nothing.  Time heals all things.  It matters not if you are truly guilty.  Now days we don’t have the Yatzee to just be honest.  Honesty would show we are guilty.  And we can’t have that.  So let’s make everything lawful even to the point of saying that homosexuality may be called marriage.  What a perversion.  And btw, that is perversion.  It perverts the very essence and definition of marriage.  That is why it is called perversion.

Well, as we are being distracted by the decades of divorce, adultery, pot smoking, etc.. etc.. etc.. other things have transpired that have me questioning what in the world happened?  Politicians have gone and endorsed things that haven’t been endorsed since the days of Rome.  We have also gone and allowed the President of the United States to violate the Constitution.  Our Nation is forced to buy things such as Health Care by punitive reinforcement.  We have watched the SCOTUS change the definition of marriage and promote perversion.  We have seen the POTUS’s man John Kerry (the Secretary of State) make a deal with our enemies in Iran that is beyond being a Traitor.  What is happening?  There was a time when God and Country meant something.  These people haven’t tried to remove our foundation.  They have succeeded.  And Nobody seems to be doing anything about it.  I thought we had checks and balances.

It will be interesting to see what Christ is doing through His Church in the next hundred years.  Kid’s now days don’t know they have violated God’s law.  Thanks to Television, their parents, and our wonderful political leaders.  They can’t even call a terrorist a terrorist.  There are so many examples of truth hiding it is over whelming.

I guess I should just be thankful for God’s grace and mercy, keep on telling people the truth concerning God’s Law, and not expect any more than what Matthew Henry has stated.   Maybe God will perform in generations to come as he did after Jeremiah’s time.  I sure pray for it.  I really expect it.  Christ is King and His Gospel is so wonderful.