When Does a Denomination Become a Non-Christian Cult


Lutherans take surprise step in electing female presiding bishop | Religion News Service

“We can disagree on decisions as long as we agree on the cross,” she said. “My goal is to make sure we make room for the possibility that people disagree, that they are fully Lutheran, fully valued and fully part of this denomination.”

Bishop Elect Rev. Elizabeth Eaton ELCA

But what if the Cross doesn’t agree with them? What does fully Lutheran mean? When do we consider denominations non-Christian cults. The PCUSA has gone the way of the godless humanitarian over God’s wishes also. Why don’t these guys just go write a manifesto decrying that they believe the Scriptures are false and start using their own name. Luther, Knox, Calvin, St. John, Mark, Matthew, Luke…. etc… are all ashamed that their names are being used to promote such wickedness. It is a sad day when we call evil good and what is good evil.

I am going to call them non-Christian cults since they refuse to hear His Word. They deny the word of Messiah the Prince therefore I will call them what they are.  Non-Christian Cults.

The Presbyterian Church USA has denied truth and become apostate. It is a Non-Christian Cult as is the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

They both need to repent from promoting wickedness and saying sexual perversion is okay with God.  It is not.  They need to quit confusing the sexual bounderies and quit announcing they are pursuing peace when the are doing things that will bring the wrath of God upon us.

Romans 1:18
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;