RSI Luncheon

I am so blessed to have a long distance friend from India to be able to come and share his life with us. Venky is doing an internship at 2nd Reformed Presbyterian Church for the Summer. This coming Fall he will be attending Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary as he prepares to stir up the gift that is in him from the LORD so that he can be most effectual in his calling. Thanks for the fine Reformation Society review
Venky! I love participating in the assembly of the fine men of God who meet every two Months.

Venky's Blog

RSI stands for Reformation Society of Indiana. RSI is a fellowship of churches who hold to the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation. Leaders from Presbyterian, Congregational, Baptist and Independent churches from around central Indiana come together for luncheon meetings once in two months to study and discuss the word of God, and encourage one another in prayer. I went for one such luncheon a week before and I was thoroughly blessed.

Pastor Rich and I drove to Gray Road Baptist Church at noon and were warmly greeted by the church staff who were busy preparing lunch for us. After twenty minutes of our arrival, people started trickling in and I was able to fellowship with a few brothers before the meeting. One among them was Bob Amon, a Princeton graduate, who has shared about his faith in Jesus Christ on national radio unapologetically. His testimony encouraged me tremendously.

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