Knowing God by His Majestic Grace


Here is something I wrote over twenty years ago.   Back then radio preachers were popular.  Cable Television was starting to add more channels than the local 4 or 5 we already had.  The Cassette Player was the best audio component we could install in the dash of our car and being Borked was the headline of the day.   I actually started typing this study out on a Remington portable typewriter.

The doctrines (teachings) of grace were very important to those who had spent hours teaching me the Bible.  They became very important to me.  But the simple definition of grace being God’s unmerited favor and the acronym God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense just seemed so truncated and deficient to me.  The Bible seemed to say much  more to me about this wonderful word.  At the same time I noticed that those simple and truncated definitions of grace were influencing a generation to be apathetic and overly narcissistic.   Salvation was just about the individual and his or her assurance of going to heaven because Jesus paid it all.  The most popular question for evangelizing the world was, “If you were to die today and God were to ask you why He should let you into His heaven, what would you tell Him?”   All the focus was upon us the individual and where we would spend eternity.  After someone prayed the prayer or went forward at the local revival crusade they were saved and need not worry about sin or eternal judgment because salvation was by grace through faith and not by anything we contributed to earn our salvation.

Now that question about why God should let us into His heaven is a very important question and the answer to that question has eternal significance in every person’s life.  I am not trying to downplay the situation.  But salvation is about more than where we will spend eternity.  Salvation is also about how we live here and now and the eternal significance the here and now play in that.  And the doctrines of Grace have taught that from Adam and Eve till now.  So that is the backdrop to why I started this study back in the 80’s.

The link below is a link to dropbox where you download the paper I wrote.  Keep in mind that I wrote it a long time ago.  I am not a writer.  I was definitely not a writer back then.  Also know that I didn’t understand Covenant Theology and my theology has definitely been refined much in the past 20 years.  So please just bear with some of the underdeveloped theology, terrible grammar, and writing style.   I used this paper to disciple a lot of people.  I hope it can still be used to help others out.  Have at it.

Knowing God by His Majestic Grace