The Mosaic Covenant, same in substance as the New? Not according to Modern Reformed Thought.


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This is the doctrine that caused me to became a Presbyterian after having been a Reformed Baptist for 30 years.  It is also the doctrine that causes me to be alarmed over much of what is being taught today in the Reformed Camp.  They don’t understand the Mosaic Covenant.   I call today’s understanding Modern Reformed Thought.

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I have recently been helped in understanding the Mosaic Covenant by Scripture clarification along with the help of a Pastor Patrick Ramsey. Thank You Pastor Ramsey.I have found that I disagree with Meredith Kline and others that hold to similar positions of a works paradigm in the Mosaic Covenant. While Owen’s view and Kline’s differ a bit by terminology I believe they are closer than people want to credit. I believe Kline holds to something more similar called a superadded subservient view of the Mosaic Covenant which was rejected by the Majority of Divines who wrote the Westminster Confession of Faith. You can learn about this by reading this article that was published in the Westminster Journal.

In working out this works paradigm I think Patrick Ramsey does a good job in revealing what Romans 10:5 and Leviticus 18:5 say when considering the whole Counsel of God. In fact when we look at Paul’s references we would think that Paul is pitting Moses against Moses and the Old Testament against the Old Testament in his New Testament writings. Especially if we just lift passages out of texts without considering other passages Paul also referenced. Paul isn’t pitting the OT against the OT or Moses against Moses when we look at the fuller context for understanding….

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Exposure on Dr. R. Scott Clark from Westminster West.  No wonder why I remained a Reformed Baptist and didn’t understand Covenant Theology from a truly Reformed perspective.

Dr. Robert Strimple whose Chair at Westminster Seminary California  David Van Drunen occupies sets the Record straight concerning the book The Law Is Not of Faith and the Mosaic Covenant.

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Modern Day Reformed Thought and Two Kingdoms…

The Mosaic Covenant:  a “Republication” of the Covenant of Works?

A Review article: The Law Is Not of Faith: essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant

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You may also want to check out my comments on Galatians 3 and 4.  Some people use this passage to show that the Law and Gospel are opposed to each other but that is a terrible misreading of the text.  The Law and Gospel are not opposed.