Why Not Voting is Not an Option




Why Not Voting is Not an Option.

The above is a pretty well thought out piece on a process that the United States American’s have performed for over 200 years now.

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For Whom Should You Vote? 


4 thoughts on “Why Not Voting is Not an Option

  1. marknen says:

    That’s an extremely anachronistic reading of Rutherford.

    • That sounds like a Political Sound Byte. Don’t be offended by that. It is true.

      • marknen says:

        Fair enough. Not offended at all!

        (It still is a textbook case of anachronism. I haven’t seen a better illustration of it in a long time)

        I must admit I am not a Rutherford scholar (though I’ve enjoyed his letters a lot), but to me he seems to be addressing anarchism, not voting. If one does note vote, a leader will still be installed)

  2. Maybe you should pick up Rutherford’s Lex Rex and read it in the historical context from which he wrote it. I would have never guessed he was writing against anarchism. Especially in light of what he was writing for and against. Maybe he was.

    I would also caution that maybe you should be cautious in your accusations since you are basically charging a Pastor with lifting something out of it’s context and placing it in one it doesn’t apply to prove a point. If I do believe that has happened I ask the author a few questions first before I accuse him of what I suspect. In fact I would encourage you to go to the blog posted and make your statements to the author. I would be interested in his response.

    From what I understand Rutherford is just setting up his foundation so that he can present truth by doing a question and answer polemic.

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